Austin Rail Now is sponsored by the Light Rail Now Project of Texas Association for Public Transportation (TAPT), and supported by other advocates of a Lamar-Guadalupe-West Campus alignment for Urban Rail. TAPT is certified as a nonprofit charitable educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

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  1. Is there a discussion page or something in this blog? I am interested in supporting a better proposal than the Project Connect one, one that more closely aligns with a Burnett/Lamar/Guadalupe/SoCo backbone. However, I feel strongly that an elevated monorail system is the most intelligent and forward thinking way to go, creating automated, idiot-proof trains independent of car/ped/bike traffic and with less footprint and safety issues. There seems to be no discussion here about how the reduced footprint of monorail would satisfy many of the issues with urban rail creating more gridlock.

  2. The site is informative and information well researched. I sent emails to city council members Martinez and Morrison on the issues I have with proposition 1 and used some of your logic for forming my argument.

    Thank you,

    Omar Erichsen

  3. seems like austin is about to get the same crap that seattle got back when Sound Transit ‘opened’ the Link light rail five years ago. Expect people to get squeezed even more, and the fascists in your local government to tout so-called ‘benefits’ of light rail (which is really nothing more than social engineering for their real-estate cronies).

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